Owner of l’Éléphant Zébré

Hi, I’m Paula, a South African living in France since 1997. Ever since childhood, I have been a sewing enthusiast and a lover of fabric, beads and threads.

My native country has always been a rich source of inspiration to me with its stark beauty, awe-inspiring sceneries and diverse flora and fauna.  The South African people are colourful and vibrant, resourceful and passionate – the ‘Rainbow Nation’.

Through l’Éléphant Zébré, I am excited to introduce you to unique South African artworks and original Shweshwe fabric – a precious national heritage. Shweshwe stimulates the senses and imagination resulting in surprisingly original creations.

Moreover, developing the export market of this lovely fabric has a positive social impact and helps to provide employment for more South Africans.

L’Éléphant Zébré ® is the market reference for original South African Shweshwe – always from the source.