We first saw Minki Pool’s beautiful Shweshwe corset in an article about an exhibition in Devon that took place in 2012.

Minki kindly gave us permission to include pictures of it on our website which has added enormously to the visual richness of l’Éléphant’s Zébré’s gallery. The corset can now be seen at the Iziko Slave Lodge in Cape Town where there is a permanent exhibition about the history of Shweshwe and it’s adoption in South Africa – not to be missed if you visit Cape Town!!

The famous shweshwe corset also led to a coffee meeting in Cape Town over a decadent slice of cake where Paula and Minki met in person and exchanged interesting ideas.

Shweshwe exhibition at Iziko Slave Lodge, Cape Town 2015
Exposition de Shweshwe au musée Iziko Slave Lodge à Cape Town 2015

We want to thank Minki for sharing her latest Shweshwe creation with us  – a gorgeous Beach Cover in coral with Shweshwe trims.

To follow Minki’s blog – http://www.minkipool.com/

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